Secure all your private data
Through a single app

Thorium is a security software that protects your personal data while it stored on your own cloud accounts.
While IT world is growing and changing, along with it, security risks are growing and changing too.
We are an emergent leader in cloud-based storage and security solutions.

How is our software work?

When you install our application on your mobile phone, once you upload your personal data from your mobile phone to the cloud (example: video, voice, picture, document), our proprietary algorithm will encrypt your data with a special encryption technology, then your file will be uploaded securely to the cloud.

Once your personal data is uploaded to the cloud, it will remain protected with our encryption algorithm at all time.

Be assure that when using our software, no one can access your personal files besides you (no cloud vendor, no hacker, not even us). Your data stays with you secured at all time – this is guaranteed.

Our role is to protect your data in a way that no one will have an access to your files. Even if your account is hacked or the cloud provider been hacked entirely, your files won’t be readable or useable to others (only to you).

Experience the Thorium difference and experience data encryption and safety like you’ve never experienced before.


For Security. For Results.

24/7 Data Access

Thorium’s mobile app and desktop syncing features give you the freedom to access data
anytime, anywhere

Back Up and Restore Your Data

Our proprietary backup and restore technology give you peace of mind that your data will
never be compromised or lost

Security You Can Trust

Next-generation cloud security and encryption means your data is always protected

Complete Control

You’re completely in control of your files, as we never give any other person or entity access to
your files

“Thorium has helped give me peace of mind when it comes to storing my sensitive data and files. Its easy-to-use platform has allowed me to easily store and access my files in a cost-effective way without compromising security.”

About us

We’re an agile company that provides our partners with data security, storage, and access solutions that move at the speed of today’s business.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to our partners and boost their bottom line by
increasing productivity and collaboration.

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