About us

safety like you’ve never experienced before

Thorium-Security established by software security pioneers who are enthusiastic about their work and desire to make good things for people.

Our co-founders brings 20 years of cybersecurity experience with thorough understanding of customer requirements to secure their personal data.

Once Thorium app installed on smart phones, you can upload your sensitive data on your own cloud storage without being worried for your data to be compromised.

Our proprietary algorithm will secure your files “at transit” while being uploaded to the cloud account or downloaded from the cloud back to your mobile phone and “at rest” while the data resides within your cloud based account.

Using our app, we can assure your personal files are protected anytime.

We’re an agile company that provides our partners with data security, storage, and access solutions that move at the speed of today’s business.

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to our partners and boost their bottom line by

increasing productivity and collaboration.

Encrypted File Storage Redefined

Thorium is the next-generation software security provider that secures your data on a cloud and gives you an access to your information anytime, anywhere.

Securely Access Your Data from Anywhere

Our intuitive platform seamlessly integrates both with your desktop and smartphone, allowing you to securely access your data at any time, no matter where you are. With Thorium’s proprietary security model, you never have to sacrifice convenient data retrieval for security.

Complete Peace of Mind

Thorium’s proprietary security safeguards assure fail-proof protection of your data, whether it’s in transit or at rest. Our ultra-secure privacy protocols assure your data will never be subjected to unauthorized access, not from hackers or even us.

Productivity, Secured

No matter where life or work takes you, Thorium secures your data while giving you easy access, so you never miss a beat.

Data Storage: Our software store and secure your data 24/7 on the cloud and allow you to securely access your data anytime from your phone, desktop, or laptop

File Sharing: Share your files with whomever you choose by inviting them to view your documents or collaborate

Take Control of Your Data

Our software gives you full control over your data stored in a cloud storage. Keep what you want private and give access to those who need it.

Working Securely with Thorium is Easy